Just Pray

Connecting the world one prayer at a time.


Just Pray is an intuitive messaging app that enables you to connect with others by sending and receiving prayer messages. It carries the theme of contextual-based messaging that can mean different things between people - it can be a simple way of saying: love you, thinking of you or praying for you. Our desire is to create more compassion and unity by providing a platform that urges people to spread kindness, love, and faith. We hope to create a community that is focused on encouraging and supporting one another by letting others know we are thinking of them and praying for them. Just Pray can also serve as a space you can go to for comfort, allowing users to request a prayer and have others help you pray in that moment.

We have extended our reach beyond personal networks and have teamed up with religious organizations and public figures who share the same belief that one small prayer can work in miraculous ways. With the capability to reach more people from all different walks of life, Just Pray has a powerful impact on the ways in which we join together. We have a mission to connect the world. One prayer at a time. Just Pray