Just Pray

Connecting the world one prayer at a time.


What is Just Pray?

Just Pray is a free mobile app that will enable you to encourage others and express that you’re thinking of them through prayer. It’s a simple tool with a powerful impact for sending and receiving prayer within your personal network.

What is the difference between ‘Pray’ and ‘Praying’?

'Pray' is a call to action and asking someone in your network to think of you and pray on your behalf in that moment. 'Praying' is letting someone know you are thinking of him/her and praying for them in that moment.

How do I get started?

Step 1: Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.
Step 2: Enter your MOBILE phone number.
Step 3: Enter your 4-digit activation code received via SMS message.
Step 4: Allow Access to Contacts and Push Notifications

Will Just Pray protect my personal information?

Absolutely. Per our privacy policy, we will not disclose any personal information including phone numbers.

How do I add/change a photo?

Go to the settings page by tapping the gear icon located at the top right corner. By tapping your photo, you will be prompted to either take a photo or use an existing one from your photo library.

How do I block/unblock someone?

Go to the settings page by tapping the gear icon located at the top right corner. Under your Name, tap the ‘Blocked Users’ label, which will direct you to your Just Pray contact list. This will enable you to block inbound and outbound messages from any given contact(s). They will not know you have blocked them. You are able to return to the same page to unblock at any time.

How do I add someone to my Network?

Tap the ‘Find Friends’. This will take you into your phone contact list where you will be able to search for a specific contact or scroll through your contacts to invite others or locate individuals using the Just Pray app.

Can I connect with my international contacts? And will I be charged?

The Just Pray app was specifically designed to connect without borders. The app utilizes push notifications for messaging so no additional carrier fees should apply.

Can you remove someone from your Network?

Just swipe to the left and the delete button will appear.

Which devices does it support?

We support iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.